Welcome to the Wylfa Newydd consultation website

Welcome to the Wylfa Newydd consultation website

Here you will find details about the consultations we've held since 2014 and copies of all our plans.  Consulting with local communities helps us to shape and refine our proposals for Wylfa Newydd, a new nuclear power station on Anglesey, and is an important part of the planning process.
Development Consent Order (DCO)

In June 2018, we submitted our DCO application to the Planning Inspectorate for permission to build and operate Wylfa Newydd.

The DCO process is managed by the Planning Inspectorate (rather than the local council which considers traditional planning applications) and provides opportunities for people and organisations to comment on their application.  The past consultations you can read about on this website and the feedback we've received have been vital in helping us develop the final proposals we submitted in June 2018.

Click here for more information about this process and to view our application documents.

In January 2019 we announced that we were suspending work at Wylfa Newydd, as well as at our second site at Oldbury, after it hadn’t been possible to reach an agreement on the financing and associated commercial arrangements in time to sustain ongoing levels of development.
It is hoped a way forward can be found, in discussion with UK Government, that will allow activity to resume so our projects can play a key role in the UK’s low carbon energy future.  While we consider our next steps we remain committed to being a good neighbour and responsible landowner locally and will ensure the local community is kept up to date.