Consultation on Additional Land

Between 16 January and 16 February 2018 we held a consultation about the details of the land we’ll need for the Wylfa Newydd Project. 
This included confirming the land we need for the new sections of A5025 between Valley and our site, and some additional land we require as part of the Wylfa Newydd Development Area and off-site at our Off-site Power Station Facilities and Logistics Centre at Parc Cybi.

We also asked for views on our proposals to create new wetland habitats to offset any potential construction impact at the Tre’r Gof Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). 

This consultation is closed. Thank you to everyone who visited our events and gave us their feedback. 


As part of this consultation, we produced two documents with differing levels of detail on our additional land proposals.

Additional Land Consultation Overview Document

To find a non-technical summary of our proposals, read our Consultation Overview Document. This is also available in Welsh.

Additional land consultation overview document
Download 4.5mb PDF
  (also available in Welsh)

Additional Land Main Consultation Document

For more technical detail, read our Main Consultation Document. Before viewing this we’d recommend reading the Consultation Overview Document first. As a technical document, this is only available in English.

Additional land consultation document
Download 5.6mb PDF

Statement of Community Consultation

We are proposing to be part of the community for the next 100 years, so it’s only right that we listen to your views and take them into account. 

We’ve set out our commitment to consult local communities in a Statement of Community Consultation.

Download 1.5mb PDF
(also available in Welsh)