Neighbourhood support scheme

Construction of the Power Station will form a large scale project carried out over a relatively long period of time. We know that the potential effects of construction will be a particular concern to those living nearest to the Power Station Site. That’s why we’re proposing two measures, over and above the mitigation measures, as part of a Neighbourhood Support Scheme aimed at those closest to the Power Station Site. 

These are:
  • Property Price Support - support for residents living nearest to the Power Station Site whose property values are impacted by the development.
  • Disturbance Mitigation - extra measures to reduce construction noise at affected properties.
The Neighbourhood Support Scheme is an entirely voluntary initiative, and will provide support over and above any statutory mitigation measures and controls.

We consulted on our proposed Neighbourhood Support Scheme from 29 September to 8 December 2014 and launched the Property Price Support plan on 14 April. For more information, download the Neighbourhood Support Scheme document. 
Neighboourhood Support Scheme

Neighbourhood Support Scheme

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