Site preparation and clearance


Between 19 October and 16 November 2016, we consulted on our further developed proposals to prepare and clear the Wylfa Newydd site, ready for construction.

You can find copies of all of the draft technical documents that we consulted on below. You can also download an information sheet that gives a useful overview of the proposals.

Once our proposals have been finalised, including taking people’s views into account, we will submit our application to Isle of Anglesey County Council.
Once we’ve done, this, you will be able to view the documents we submitted on the main Horizon Nuclear power website here.

our consultation

Non-Technical documents

Site Preparation and Clearance Information Sheet

Site Preparation and Clearance Information Sheet 

Download 1mb PDF
(also available in Welsh)


Environmental Statement Non-technical Summary

Environmental Statement Non-technical Summary

Download 2.57mb PDF
(also available in Welsh)


Technical documents

Environmental Statement Volume 1 - Download 4.35mb PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 2 - Download 56.6mb PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3A Appendices - Download 37.9mb PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3B Appendices - Download 44.5mb PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3C Appendices - Download 27.2mb PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3D Appendices - Download 15.4mb PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3E Appendices - Download 34.4mb PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3F Appendices - Download 16.6mb PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3G Appendices - Download 58.1mb PDF
Planning application form - Download 706kb PDF
Planning Statement - Download 2.09mb PDF
Design & Access Statement - Download 4.30mb PDF
Environmental Management Plan - Download 1.30mb PDF
Management of Ecology Procedure - Download 7.16mb PDF
Management of Dust and Air Quality Procedure - Download 3.81mb PDF
Management of Noise and Vibration Procedure - Download 2.95mb PDF
Management of Blasting Procedure - Download 3.06mb PDF
Management of Water and Sediment Procedure - Download 1.22mb PDF
Management of Construction Traffic Procedure - Download 1.33mb PDF
Management of Public Rights of Way Procedure - Download 1.35mb PDF
Management of Materials and Waste Procedure - Download 393kb PDF
Management of Made Ground and Land Contamination Procedure - Download 281kb PDF
Environmental Emergency Management Procedure - Download 1.50mb PDF
Discharge of Uncontaminated Water to Land Procedure - Download 211kb PDF
Application plans and drawings - Download 16.9mb PDF
Transport Statement - Download 2.42mb PDF
Health Impact Assessment - Download 1.09mb PDF
Welsh Language Impact Assessment - Download 4.05mb PDF
Habitats Regulations Assessment Volume 1 - Download 3.67mb PDF
Habitats Regulations Assessment Volume 2 - Download 4.92mb PDF