Site preparation and clearance

Between 2 August and 31 August 2017 we consulted on our Site Preparation and Clearance (SPC) proposals, before we submit a planning application to Isle of Anglesey County Council in autumn 2017.

Preparing and clearing our site for construction will be the first major phase of work towards construction of the Power Station at our Wylfa Newydd site.
Our updated proposals include establishing temporary storage compounds, carrying out site clearance works and diverting a watercourse. They also set out how we’ll deal with soil contaminated by asbestos and non-native invasive species such as, Japanese Knotweed, plus how we manage footpaths and roads.

You can find out more by downloading our Information Sheet below.

Site preparation and clearance information sheet August 2017

Download   1.11mb PDF
(also available in Welsh)

Pre-application documents (August 2017)

As part of our consultation we published a number of technical documents that provided more detail about our application and proposals. To view each of these documents please click on the links below.

A number of these are technical documents and published in English only, in accordance with Horizon’s Welsh Language Policy.

Planning Application Form Download - 0.48MB PDF
Application Plans & Drawings Download - 56.78MB PDF
Design and Access Statement Download - 2.45MB PDF
Planning Statement Download - 2.96MB PDF
Environmental Statement Non-Technical Summary Download - 2.27MB PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 1 - Environmental Statement Download - 10.98MB PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 2 - Figures Download - 151.72MB PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3A Appendices Download - 44.99MB PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3B Appendices Download - 55.58MB PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3C Appendices Download - 126.14MB PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3D Appendices Download - 163.79MB PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3E Appendices Download - 63.98MB PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3F Appendices Download - 30.42MB PDF
Environmental Statement Volume 3G Appendices Download - 22.18MB PDF
Welsh Language Impact Assessment Download - 2.59MB PDF
Transport Statement Download - 6.15MB PDF
Code of Construction Practice Download - 1.53MB PDF
Report to Inform Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Download - 3.02MB PDF
Rapid Health Impact Assessment Screening Statement Download - 0.90MB